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A Solution for Hospital Partners

Improving patient management.

Pathways HUB uses assessment tools that help identify and appropriately treat individual patients while meeting “Community Benefits” requirements. Pathways HUB also helps encourage a team approach to health and healthcare by improving communication between providers and systems, and by reducing duplication of services.

Increasing quality of care.

By helping shift the focus from reactionary care to preventative care, Pathways HUB helps improve the ongoing health of individuals in the community. Pathways HUB helps achieve this important goal in a number of ways, which include improving individual and family engagement in health and prevention, improving compliance with medical guidance including the use of medication, and tracking outcomes through to their successful conclusions.

Reducing the costs of good health.

Pathways HUB helps put the systems and services in place to lower costs by providing enrollment mechanisms that facilitate proactive intervention and by linking positive outcomes to reimbursement. In addition, Pathways HUB helps guide the care team in resolving the social needs that underlie the use of the ER as a source of primary care, decreasing the rate of hospitalizations, and potentially decreasing hospital readmissions following discharge.

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