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Thank you for donating to the Grow Healthy Together Pathways HUB

When you donate to the Pathways HUB, you are donating to over 13 agencies.  Your funds are supporting over 25 Community Health Workers that are dedicating their time to supporting people in the community experiencing multiple challenges.  They not only identify the needs but connect the person with the resources.  The Community Health Worker acts as a liaison, champion, advocate, friend and ally throughout their entire journey. 

More about how your funds make a difference:

The Grow Healthy Together Resiliency Fund builds on existing support for strengthening whole-person health by convening partners to invest in Bexar County.  We advance community priorities and fill gaps within our current health  systems that are identified through our work with community members, partners, data analytics, and the HUB Care Connect. By building a resource for change, we create opportunities for our region to implement sustainable innovations.

The Health Collaborative is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization with a 23 year history of supporting sustainable, equitable health in the county. As an anchor strategy, Grow Healthy Together Pathways Community HUB is a convening platform and facilitative resource for organizations undertaking efforts that contribute to effective, sustainable strategies for improving access to whole-person care across sectors for everyone in Bexar County.

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Many ways to donate: 

Scan the QR code from your mobile device.

Click on the link to give using Paypal.

Mail a check to our office using the information below.

Make check payable to: The Health Collaborative

Memo line: Grow Healthy Together Fund

The Health Collaborative

2300 W Commerce, Suite 201

San Antonio, TX 78207

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