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We help families connect to the resources they need and assist every step of the way.

Pathways Community HUB

A Simple Solution to Care Coordination

Community Members

We work with community families to identify and address their needs.  We connect with families at home, church, community centers or anywhere they feel safe to connect. 

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By asking a series of questions, we can quickly assess a persons needs and immediately conduct a search of community resources and programs through the online resource directory called the Community Health Bridge.

We will quickly identify the right partner and track the progress of each referral through the end result.  

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Once we have successfully met a persons needs, our database stores the history of each connection as a complete. Our system tracks the progress of each effort and allows us to further support the needs of our community.  This information is also used to help us make quality improvements and offer system changes that can have significant good health impact for our community families. 



Year Established, Launched July 2018


Community Health Workers


Care Coordination Agencies


Pathways Families Served
(average household size 4-5 people per family)


Identified Needs requiring resolution

Partner Solution

Insurers and Payers

Helping you reduce spending and realize results by connecting to communities.

The Pathways Community HUB Model offers insurers and payers a wide range of benefits related to lowering the costs of care and assuring that dollars are spent wisely and productively. Maximizing patient management efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenditures, and improving overall outcomes are keys to these goals.


Helping you achieve the “triple aim” of addressing care, health, and costs.

The Pathways Community HUB Model offers government entities a wide range of benefits that address the need to improve an individual’s experience of care, advance the health of their populations, and lower per capita costs – the “triple aim” of healthcare reform.


Connecting with the community helps hospitals deliver higher quality health for less.

The Pathways Community HUB Model offers hospitals a wide range of benefits related to meeting the needs of at-risk patients more easily and efficiently. Significant improvements in patient management, quality of care, and cost containment are all important results you can achieve by utilizing Pathways tools and resources.


A healthy workforce is just good business.

The Pathways Community HUB Model offers business members a wide range of benefits related to lowering employer healthcare costs and assuring that employee benefits are spent wisely and productively. Maximizing employee health management efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenditures, and improving overall outcomes are keys to these goals. Ensuring that our community fosters good health directly impacts workforce development.


Pathways HUB

Community Care Agencies

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Pathways HUB

Community Funders

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2300 W Commerce Suite 201

San Antonio, TX 78207



Tel: 210-481-2573


To submit your interest and resume to the Community Health Worker Staffing HUB , please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@healthcollaborative.net

Your resume and cover letter will be shared with the leadership of the Community Care Agencies that participate in the Grow Healthy Together Pathways Community HUB Initiative.

Get more info on how to participate: 210-481-2573

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 210-481-2573 or fill out the following form

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