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A Solution for Insurers and Payer Partners

Streamlining patient management.

Pathways HUB uses assessment tools that assure that at-risk individuals are identified and enrolled in programs that effectively meet their health and social needs. Pathways HUB helps  coordinate care in order to reduce duplication of services (and costs) while encouraging a team approach to health and healthcare that improves communication between providers and human services systems – and enhances the efficiency of providing appropriate care.

Improving patient outcomes.

Shifting the focus from reactionary care to preventative care is another important way to improve ongoing health and therefore lower overall costs. Pathways HUB helps leverage individual and family involvement in health and prevention, improving medication compliance, and tracking outcomes so that you have verified proof that the criteria for success – and reimbursement – are met.

Reducing your expenditures.

The very concept of payment for outcomes intrinsically leads to reduced expenditures by delivering the care and services that individuals and families need before they spiral out of control. Pathways HUB enrollment mechanisms facilitate intervention, while tracking tools verify positive outcomes so that reimbursement is made based on value.

In addition, Pathways HUB helps guide resolution to the social needs that underlie the use of the ER as a source of primary care, decreasing the rate of hospitalizations, and potentially decreasing readmissions following discharge – all critical components of the current high cost of delivering care to those at risk.

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