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A Solution for Government Partners

Enhancing the care experience.

Pathways HUB uses assessment and intervention tools that effectively meet the health and social services needs of at risk individuals. Closing the loop on health and human services gives these individuals positive reinforcement that more of their needs are being met. Then, by helping coordinate care and encouraging a team approach to health, at-risk individuals are further assured that the care they are receiving is well-managed and that the attention they require will be provided reliably.

Advancing the health of our population.

Through the attention and support of Community Health Workers, at-risk individuals are more likely to adhere with medical guidance, including the use of medications, as well as other health and social initiatives. Greater adherence means greater preventative care, less reactionary care, and more positive outcomes over time. Pathways HUB also helps leverage individual and family involvement, to further improve an individual’s chance of experiencing better health and successful results, effectively allowing for the delivery of more equitable care among communities and individuals with varying vulnerabilities.

Lowering costs across the community.

There are many issues that contribute to the high costs of traditional health management. The historical model of reimbursement based on fee for service has proven to be an ineffective means of containing costs and promoting optimal health. But by providing enrollment mechanisms that facilitate prevention, early intervention, and compliance, along with tracking tools that verify positive outcomes, you can turn this equation around to delivering payment based on value. Better overall health logically leads to lower costs to maintain it.

System utilization, of course, is another important issue. That’s why Pathways HUB helps resolve the social needs that underlie the use of the ER as a source of primary care – while also helping reduce the rate of hospitalizations, and improving outcomes with the goal of decreasing hospital readmissions. Achieving these goals is critical to containing costs today – and tomorrow.

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